Crow's Eye View - the Korean Peninsula

Republic of Korea

The Korean Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale presents the architecture of North and South Korea as an agent for generating alternative narratives that can perceive the everyday and monumental in new ways. It showcases diverse work produced by architects, urbanists, poets, writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, curators, and collectors that reveal the way a wide range of architectural interventions have reflected and shaped the life of the Korean Peninsula. The exhibition highlights the complexity and possibilities that lie in the Peninsula's past, present, and future.

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the guardian

Supermarket sweep… the Latvian pavilion which has been transformed into a minimart.

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This contribution brings a little levity to the long trek through the halls of the Arsenale.

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Choice as the basis of architectural process, the pop aesthetics emphasizing the languages of consumption as in Hamilton or Warhol: everything is structured by the dynamics of commerce.

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Elle decor

Welcome to T/C Latvija, surely the most instagrammed installation of this edition of the Biennale

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Smart? Brilliant? Ironic?

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Der standard

Latvia is reopening the archive boxes once again, reminding us (including the Biennial Presidency) of everything that has already been thought up and invented, and inviting us to place the most urgently needed products in the basket, to combine them with one another, and ultimately consume all the knowledge.

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Fun, colourful and thought-provoking, it offers a tongue-in-cheek moment to the Arsenale sequence...

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